ive been thinking about this dream all day it was more than a bit messed up…warning for gore and small creature death i suppose!

i had laid an egg that hatched into this tiny albino human/puppy/reptile thing.  it had translucent, pearly skin and teeth that looked like tiny cut opals.  i remember being amazed by its teeth and was glad when it smiled because its teeth were so pretty.  i took care of it and loved it a lot, even though almost everyone in my family thought it was really weird.

i was riding in the car with it in my lap at some point when we stopped at my aunt’s house in massachusetts.  i went inside for just a moment, so i left the baby thing in the car because i didn’t want my aunt’s dogs to get in its face.

all of a sudden the temperature drops drastically outside, like in the day after tomorrow or whatever.  i freak out and run outside adn open the car door to find the baby half-frozen to the seat, basically almost dead and frostbitten all over.  its tongue and face are swollen.  i have to peel it off the seat and i know that it cant be saved and will have a miserable life if it lives so i take it around to the back of the house to kill it.  i cant find anything to cut its head off with so i try breaking its neck, but i dont know how.  my fingers catch under its jaw and i rip it off accidentally.  i keep trying to kill it relatively cleanly but i keep causing it more pain.  i finally manage to kill it and i sit on the ground.  then i wake up.  


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i’ve not been remembering my dreams for the longest time but i’ve started to again recently so i guess i will be actually posting here more!  

the other night i dreamt that my family was staying in a fancy hotel in portland for christmas and my friends were there too.  some weird thing started happening, some villainous person was wreaking some kind of havoc in the old port.  me, declan and meagan transformed into cute magical girls/boy with flambard style swords and bunny ears, and jumped around fighting.  then we went to a cool witch shop with hors d’oeuvres laid out everywhere, but she was closing.  then we opened presents 

in last night’s dream i was clementine from the walking dead game, and i was walking around aimlessly and all alone in a deserted version of portland, because i guess that’s where my subconscious looks when it needs to build a city.  i was rummaging around someone’s car when this guy comes out pointing his gun at me, and i’m like “I’LL BREAK YOUR LEGS- no wait don’t shoot!  sorry i just wanted to say that” and he was like “haha ok.  lets go eat spaghetti” and we did.

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the other night while i was napping i dreamt that there was an earthquake and i ended up breaking both my legs somehow.  i am lying helpless on the ground when suddenly kanye west appears out of nowhere.  he asks me if im alright and carries me to what in the dream (not in real life) is my pal meagan’s house, and immediately and expertly puts each of my legs in a cast.  he makes sure im ok, then goes on to rescue more earthquake victims.  god bless you dream kanye

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i was with a group of people and luca and someone was like “luca did you ever tell chelsea about the hamburger coffee” and they were like “OH YEAH I NEVER DID!”  so they tell me

it like cuts to them when they were younger with like a bunch of kids who were related to them and their mom and whoeveer on a road trip in a camper trailer thing.  they had stopped at a weird distant uncles house just to hang out but weird stuff started happening so they were like “uh we’re leaving” but uncle came out to say goodbye.  the only thing he could say was “woohoohoo, woohohoohoohohohehehhooo!!!!” 

eventualyl luca’s mom is like I’M THIRSTY! I WANT SOMETHING TO DRINK BEFORE WE LEAVE! and right at that moment the aunt calls out in a weird guttural backwards-sounding voice that she made coffee.  mom like runs in but luca is like MOM NO THESE PEOPLE ARE SO WEIRD so they run in after her.  we hear mom scream and glass shattering and luca runs out panting and says “they put ROTTING HAMBURGER IN THE COFFEE!!”  mom jumps into the van/trailer/thing and they slam on the gas and skedaddle out of there

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my parents threw a party forr pokemon and bought the big starter plushes for my brother and me and idk some random kid and my mom like, buried them under something for transportation, and by the time we got to where the party was going to be they were all bloody like they had been crushed to death. what the hell

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i smoked TONS of weed, pantsless, in my friends bed, and watched her play a videogame about a team of very large acrobats.

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i was drawing someone a velociraptor i think it was someone who didnt like the idea of feathery dinosaurs but i was like “heh heh ill draw them a REAL velociraptor”
but i kept drawing its hands wrong, even though i know how they’re supposed to look i kept drawing them unfeathered and pronated even and i kept erasing them and drawing them with all the same mistakes and i just kept imagining luca and all the dinosaur bloggers i follow standing over my shoulder and scoffing at me
it felt like one of those dreams where youre taking a test in school and suddenly youre naked but way stupider

went to some waste processing facility and there was a big vat of some kind of toxic sludge and the people there were like “go on grab a cup of it” and they gave us those little cups like you put ketchup into at fast food places so i just went and scooped some up and got a tiny bit on my fingers.  and they were like “chelsea you fucking IDIOT you were supposed to use TONGS now you’re going to get disgusting growths on your fingers!!!!!”  and i was really scared but throughout the course of the dream i just got dry skin on the spots it touched me.

between that and the next part of the dream was just some fuzzy generic school stuff bu then we went on this field trip to a nature park thing with a little stream and there was a birds nest in the bough of a pine tree that had been woven into a cone shape.  when we looked inside the nest the birds turned into KITTENS!!! then we got icecream at beal’s

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i did a random online pokebattle with someone and then got an email saying YOUR BATTLE WAS SO GOOD WERE GOING TO USE IT IN THE SHOW!!! and i was like Wow Cool.  then i was in the car with my dad driving to the doctor and we were driving there thru all this countryside and it made me sleepy so i fell asleep and Double Dreamed about the pokemon battle.  a really swanky luxray caused blackouts all over japan because his electric attacks were so hardcore.  when i woke up in the dream my whole family was in the car with me along with a little baby lamb named Toes, and we were going camping.

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